Epoxy Drums and Rollers

Ing. A. Maurer S.A. and Snia Viscose, for the production of artificial fibre, as a specific need of development and increase of production, referred to the transport of tow or filaments and/or stretching in side of viscose or rayon plants equipment, has had the necessity to have proper rollers. Originally the machines were equipped with rock or glass drums and rollers with all related weight and performance’s problems.


Ing. A. Maurer S.A. mainly developed heavy rollers for stretching with the support of electrical components manufacturing; Snia Viscose developed its own rollers and drums for filaments transport later manufactured through Sitea that has developed a new technology to hardness the surface with rotational system.


The employ of epoxy rollers technologies has been started in 1988 and consolidated during the years with more than 130.000 rollers produced. The metallic components and, in particular, the flanges connections to support the roller system have been patented. Today all the above technologies are grouped and in propriety of Ing. A. Maurer S.A. that has improved and optimized all the parameters request by the different uses.


In order to guarantee the evenness of production’s quality in time, a PLC system fully controls the production machines operation.

A continuous development of the production plant to meet Client’s needs, has led to improve the flexibility of the processes.


Ing. A. Maurer S.A. cooperates since the beginning with machines manufacturers mainly in the following sectors:


• Textile industry

• Wet Yarn spinning machines

• Chemical industry

• Paper Converting industry

• Cellophane industry

• Tanning Industry


Thanks to the flexibility of its plant, Ing. A. Maurer S.A. is able to produce rollers, technical parts and components in epoxy resins developed on Client’s drawings.


Ing. A. Maurer S.A. produces with the following processes:


• Rotomoulding

• Casting

• Vacuum Casting

• Rotomoulding / Vacuum Casting

• Different types of mixing, filler and addictives

• With or without inserts and flanges (metallic and non metallic)


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