The Ing. A. Maurer S.A. engineering package done according to the customer’s familiarized standard, what could be DIN, ASME or other standard, may include the complete or a part of following steps:


Basic Engineering Design (BED)


consists of all the typical documents and meetings, needed to perform the Detail Engineering and to order the main equipment, as:


• Process description, Design basis, Mass and energy balance

• Process Flow Diagram (PFD)

• Piping and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID)

• Lists, specifications and MOC for equipment, piping, instruments, electrical and control installations

• Preliminary Plant layouts, Building outline and Foundation details

• Recommended routes of main pipes and cables

• Preliminary operating instructions, Inter locks, Cause and effect diagrams, Set point and alarm lists

• HSSE plan (Health, Safety, Security and Environment)

• Project time schedule

• Any other concerned activities


Detail Engineering Design (DEE)


consists of all the typical documents and meetings, needed to purchase, to construct, to start-up and to operate the plant, as:


• Continuous refining and revising of the Basic Engineering documents

• Detailed arrangement for pipes, supports, valves, fitting and insulation

• Stress calculations for pipes, Material and test certificates, Welding procedures

• Civil and steel structure design

• Electrical line diagrams and material lists

• Cabling and instrumentation design

• Programming of DCS

• Technical operating manual

• Schedule for plant commissioning and Start-up

• Any other concerned activities


Construction Design (CD)


consists of all the typical documents, needed to manufacture the equipment and the machines, based on the mechanical data sheets and the specifications, as:


• Detail and assembly drawings

• Part lists

• Mechanical calculations

• Manufacturing drawings

• Erection, operating and maintenance manuals

• Any other concerned activities


Engineering Review


For specific projects, Ing. A. Maurer S.A. offers the review of complete or only a part of the Basic Engineering documents, elaborated by the customer itself or by any other third company.


Thereafter different experts or consultants of Ing. A. Maurer S.A. will be available to check and analyze the required documents accordingly.


All the results will be retain on detailed reports, and be discussed during several review meetings in Ing. A. Maurer S.A.’s office or at plant site.


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