Supplier of state-of-the-art-technologies, machines,

equipments and services for the viscose industry


Ing. A. Maurer S.A. is specialized in supply of technology, equipment and services for viscose and chemical plants.


The Company’s activity started at the beginning of last century with design and construction of viscose pumps and today stands a fully integrated company capable to undertaking a variety of projects, utilizing a most updated design, planning and project management techniques.


Ing. A. Maurer S.A.’s activities range from the feasibility study of a project to the supply of complete turn-key plants, tailored to the clients requirements.


Highly skilled specialists made available to clients during plant erection, start-up and operation assure the achieving of the guaranteed technical performances.


The cooperation between Ing. A. Maurer S.A. and its clients continues for several years after plant acceptance through the exchange of technical information and experience as well as the transfer of up-to-date know-how.


Traditionally the fields of focus of the company are the following :


Technologies for traditional Viscose Process


From cellulose to custom specific viscose products :


• Staple Fiber

• Continuous Filament/Yarn

• Casing

• Films/Cellophane

• Sponge


For the scope of :


• Viscose Dope Preparation

• Spinning/Stretching/Cutting/Treatment/Drying/Bailing or Winding

• Spin bath Preparation and Spin bath Circulation

• Carbon Disulphide (CS2) Recovery

• Waste Air Treatment


Other Technologies for :


• Carbon Disulphide Production (CS2 HTP), based on natural gas process with high temperature/pressure technology

• Carbon Disulphide Production (CS2 HTP + H2SO4 WGR), based on natural gas process with high temperature/pressure technology in combination with waste gas treatment and sulphuric acid recovery

• Phosphorus Pentasulphide Production

• Acrylic Fiber Production, based on DMF technology


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