Chemical Plants

Environmental protection has become a factor of ever increasing importance in the industry. The most noticeable emission of viscose plants are the gaseous wastes consisting of CS2 and H2S, both released during the processing of the fibre. These contaminants are collected in exhaust air streams and CS2 is, where technically and economically feasible condensed, recovered and recycled to the process. The remaining waste air stream is collected and treated by a catalytic wet oxidation process, MAURER’s WGR technology, suitable for the desulphurisation of waste air with a broad range of CS2 / H2S-concentrations. Sulphuric acid is generated as a valuable by-product and can be reused in the viscose process.

Carbon Disulfide (CS2) Plant Technology

Maurer has its own High Pressure/Temperature Natural Gas technology for CS2 Production. We can provide turnkey solutions or manufacture key equiment if You intend to produce Carbon Disulfide.  Our technology has many advantages, such as: Low investment and operation costs, higher lifetime than standard technology, hihger efficiency, less environmental pollution and simpler design. Prime examples can be stated and visited together if it comes to a level of real interest.