Cutting Machine

We offer standard and individual solutions for the cutting of fibers. If You intend to cut fibers, filament, yarn, tow or other similar structures. The cutting can be done in a wet or dry environment, depending on the type of fibre, the capacity and requirements. Our description for the standard design is as follows:

Standard Design

  • One sided machine with two cutting heads, one in operation and one as stand-by
  • Right or left hand execution
  • Main roller, direct driven; adjustable guide roller
  • Cutting heads with cutter disc, direct driven
  • Staple length from 25 to 105 mm
  • The capacity is 3.5 million to 16 million dtex
  • Tow speed from 20 to 100 m/min (for viscose)


  • Suitable for high-speed cutting of cellulosic fibre (viscose, lyocell, carbamat) and other wet spun Man Made fibres
  • Compact design, easy installation
  • The knives are smoothly and constantly guided and at the same time sharpened as they are pressed with pre-selected and constant spring force against the grinding ring
  • Variable cutting speed electronically adjustable during operation and synchronised to spinning speed,    Setting of staple fibre length electronically adjustable
  • Simple, quick and safe changing of the knifes
  • Non pulsating knifes
  • Special alloys used for knifes and wearing parts allow longer sevice life