After Sales

We provide our customers a complete after sale service to ensure the professional service needed to guarantee that Your equipment continues to operate at highest level of performance and reliability. This includes especially three points:

  • Spare parts supply
  • Consumables supply
  • Components supply

One of our specialties is the manufacture of epoxy drums and rollers at “oversize” to what is standard in epoxy products. The employ of epoxy roller technologies started in 1988 and consolidated over the years with more than 150’000 rollers produced. The metallic components and, in particular, the flange connections to mount the roller system have been patented. Today all the above technologies are grouped and property of Ing. A. Maurer S.A.. We have improved and optimized all the parameters request by the different uses.

In order to guarantee the equality of production quality in time, a PLC system fully controls the production machines in operation. A continuous development of the production to meet our client’s needs has led to a flexible process. We cooperate with partners in the following sectors:

  • Textile industry
  • Wet yarn spinning machines
  • Chemical industry
  • Paper converting industry
  • Cellophane industry
  • Tanning Industry

Thanks to our flexibility we are also able to produce rollers, technical parts and components in epoxy resin developed or specifically requested by our clients. Therefore the following processes have established at ours:

  • Rotomoulding
  • Casting
  • Vacuum casting
  • Rotomoulding combine with vacuum casting
  • Different types of mixing, filler and additives
  • With or without inserts and flanges (metallic or non metallic)
Do you have questions about our products or technologies?
We will be happy to help you develop the right design for your individual needs.