Customized Design

  • Fibre capacity up to 400 tons per day
  • Pneumatic squeezing of the fleece after each treatment and washing zone, thereby lowering consumption of chemicals
  • Suitable for treating  cellulosic fibres (viscose, lyocell, carbamat)
  • Electric driven upper and lower rollers of the high pressure units
  • Softening equipment suited for almost all makes of softening agent


  • Optimised counterflow washing and heat recovery
  • Squeezing units can be moved within the zones for optimising the process
  • Proper opening of the fibre fleece by wet opener with electronic controlled fleece holding device
  • Humidity after the final pressing of approx. 50 %
  • Frame work made of stainless steel
  • Suitability for chlorine-free bleaching
  • Minimised maintenance, less down-time