Cellophane Lip

Cellophane Casting Lips

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We were able to deliver a set of brand new Cellophane Casting Lips. Made of special alloy guaranteeing highest corrosion resistance and durability of the material. This results in reduced maintenance efforts and leads to higher product quality. Maurer is crafting those masterpieces exclusively for our customers since more than eighty years.

Laboratory Plant

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Maurer is engineering, manufacturing and starting-up a complete laboratory plant for the production of regenerated cellulosic fibre, especially viscose. The laboratory plant is able to simulate the industrial process on a much smaller scale to suit laboratory applications. It is at a high level of automatization and covers the production chain from pulp shredding to […]

Basic Design for Exhaust System

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Maurer is about to engineer a complete Basic Design for an Exhaust System. The capacity of this project is 600 tons per day of viscose staple fibre. Maurer is about to take care of: the complete design basis mass balances process flow diagrams piping and instrumentation diagrams control logics and interlocks specifications of key equipment […]