Cellulosic film and Transparent Paper, known under the name of “Cellophane” is a flexible, highly transparent film or foil derived from a natural product – wood or cotton linters pulp (cellulose). It is still, in spite of competition from synthetic films, a packaging film with a great diversity of uses. There are two main groups of cellulosic film. The uncoated, plain or P-films and the coated films (on one or both sides). The coating weighs between 2 – 4 g/m2. Cellophane is a registered trademark in many countries but not in the United States, where the name has become generic by usage.

Maurer has been a pioneer in the production of cellophane plants all over the world. We started with the erection of complete film plants in 1931 in Italy. One of our oldest designed plants still in operation was built 1960 in India. It is still operating at a satisficing performance. Surely this investion has payd-off many times as such a long life span is outstanding. We have constantly improved the process of cellophane production in cooperation with our customers. So no matter if You are looking for a spare for an older line, a design review, a partial renewal of You machinery or a completely new plant – we have got it all.

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