We are constantly seeking for better solutions to existing processes and developing new products. This on every level of process, from bottom to top. Sometimes a small step can cause big effects, its not always a question of high investments. Often fortune can be found just around the corner. Especially long term partnerships result in constant reciprocal gains. We foster such sustainable relationships wherever possible. Whenever an insufficiency at one of our customers is recognized it can be sense making to get in touch with us. We care.

New Fibres

The innovation and ready for serial production development of new fibres which are both sustainable and economical justifiable becomes more and more an issue as the end-users are more aware of environmental concerns. Maurer has already since the beginning of mass productivity in the fibre market taken care of the environment. Thus nowadays we are involved in many programs to expedit further success on this field. We are attentive about fibres with manifold backgrounds of origin and production process such as; cold alkali, carbamate, lyocell, modal, alginate and further specialties. To increase knowledge regarding chemical and mechanical processing we are always an interested partner.

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