Exhaust Air Treatment

Viscose Waste Air Treatment

Environmental protection has become a factor of ever increasing importance not only to the industry but for the whole society. The most noticeable emission of viscose plants are the gaseous wastes consisting of CS2 and H2S, both released during the processing of the fibre. These contaminants are collected in exhaust air streams. CS2 is, nowadays to an extent of 95% recovered and recycled to the process. The remaining waste air stream is collected and treated by a catalytic wet oxidation process, MAURER’s WGR (WasteGasRecovery) technology. Suitable for the desulphurisation of waste air with a broad range of CS2 / H2S-concentrations. Sulphuric acid is generated as a valuable by-product and can be reused in the viscose process.


Tail Gas Treatment Unit

Tail gases deriving from our chemical plants will be treated according to the most efficient process or can be by-product forming on purpose. Our solutions are free of any emissions despite what is considered within the range of normal breathable air. The TGTU (Tail Gas Treatment Unit) can provide this because of its sophisticated design containing an internal recycling of liquid wastes occuring from optimal dew points whilst maintaining the stochiometric equilibrium for such (no accumulation in the circulation).
At the final stage a catalyst at favourable supply security and cost certainty does the rest. Due to implementation of a heat transfer system covering widest temperature ranges we can manage to return energy (in the form of steam) from the process at best conditions for any consumer.
This technology can also be combined with e.g. refinery plants where acid gas/ sour gas has to be recycled or rendered.

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