Staple Fibre Spinning



Standard design

  • Up to 150 tons fibre capacity per day for a single line regular or high tenacity fibres
  • Titre range from 1.1 dtex to 1.7 dtex, or higher
  • 140 spinning positions (extendable)
  • Up to 76'000 holes per spinning position
  • Spinning speed: up to 80 meters per minute
  • Electonically controlled drive system which allows a precise spinning speed
  • Stepped godets with 3-stage shape for pre-stretching, individually driven


  • Easy and simple operation
  • Versatility increasing production flexibility and lowering product losses
  • Optimal spinbath distribution in the spin trough for high spinbath flow without turbulences
  • Stretch ratios up to 120% by utilising stretching devices with individual drive
  • Sealed design to ensure an optimal working environment
  • Maximum recovery of sulphur compounds by using a refined integrated exhaust system
  • Complete range of spinneret cleaning and inspection unit