Chemical Plants

Carbon Disulfide (CS2) Plant Technology

Maurer has its own High Pressure/ Temperature Natural Gas technology for CS2 Production. We can provide turnkey solutions or manufacture key equipment if You intend to produce Carbon Disulfide. Our technology has many advantages, such as: Low investment and operation costs, higher lifetime than standard technology, higher efficiency, zero environmental pollution and simpler design. Prime examples can be stated and visited together if it comes to a level of real interest.

Advanced Maurer Sulfuric Acid (AMSA) Technology

Due to a century of experience in handling Sulphuric Acid in different processes, we have established several technologies of the production and treatment of this product. They are combined ander the term of AMSA-Technology (Advanced Maurer Sulfuric Acid). The below main features can be outlined:
– Dry and Wet Process to obtain Sulphuric Acid
– Hybrid Technology combining both the above
– Spent Acid Regeneration (SAR Units) to regenerate the Sulfuric Acid whilst producing green energy at highest efficiency
– ACU: Acid Concentration Units

Due to our vast experience on the process technology, we combine:

  • Most attractive CAPEX& OPEX figures
  • Ultra low emissions = Breathable tail gas
  • No corrosion issues
  • Strong acid concentrations up to 99%
  • Highest energy recoveries/ green energy
  • Long-term proven technology

Additional Technologies

Besides our sophisticated Carbon Bisulfide and AMSA technolgoies we are also able to provide additional process know-how on request.

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