Privacy Policy

  1. This Privacy Policy describes the personal information gathered in connection with your (the “User’s”)use of website  (the  “Maurer Website”)  and  how  such  information  (the  “Personal Information”)  is  used  by  Ing.  A. Maurer  S.A., a  Swiss  corporation  with  its  registered  address  at Worblentalstrasse 33, CH-3063 Ittigen, Switzerland (“Maurer”), and its subsidiaries. This Privacy Policy may change at any point in time with immediate effect and without prior announcement. By providing your Personal Information to Maurer, you agree that it may be processed as set forth herein.
  2. Maurer may collect and retain information that you provide to Maurer, such as your name and e-mail address when you  subscribe  to  a  newsletter  or  your communications  when  you  send  an  inquiry  to Maurer and any related information Maurer compiles, such as its response to your inquiry. Maurer and its subsidiaries may use such information for the purposes stated or evident when such information is collected,  and  also  for  marketing  and  sales,  for  improving  the  Maurer Website  and  products  and services, for research & development, for technical operations and maintaining security, for statistical and  market  research  purposes,  for  complying  with  applicable  laws  and  regulations,  and  for  other purposes provided for or permitted by law. The information may also be shared with, and used for the above  purposes  by,  third  parties  who  directly  or  indirectly  acquire  businesses  or  parts  thereof  from Maurer or  its  subsidiaries,  with  partners  in  marketing,  sales,  research  &  development,  with  service providers and with public authorities.
  3. Maurer may also collect information  that  your  computer  and  browser  provides  when  you  visit  the Maurer Website, such as your IP address and type of your browser, as well as information about how you use the Maurer Website. However, such information will be used by Maurer only on a non-personal basis (i.e.  not  linked  to  personally  identifiable  information  of  you)  for  the  purposes  of  improving  the Maurer Website, understanding its use and the use of the information and content contained therein, and for technical and security purposes.
  4. As part of the foregoing, so called cookies may be sent to your computer during your visit of the Maurer Website. Cookies are small text files that are stored in the visitor’s local browser cache. They are used to recognize a visitor and to track it when using a website. Maurer will do so only on a non-personal basis. You may configure your web browser to deny any installation of cookies or to erase cookies that have been installed. However, functionality of the Maurer Website may be impaired by eliminating cookies.
  5. The Maurer Website may use tracking technologies to collect data on visitor behaviour. The data is collected for the  purposes  of marketing  and  optimization of  the Maurer Website,  its  information  and content.  All  visitor  data  is  saved  using  an  anonymous  user  ID  and  can  be  used  to  aggregate  a  usage profile under a pseudonym. Cookies may be used for this purpose. The data collected by the tracking technology  will  not  be  used to  determine  the  personal  identity  of  a  website  visitor  and  will  not  be compiled  with  personal  data  relating  to  the  person referred  to  by  the  pseudonym,  unless  agreed  to separately by the person concerned.
  6. Maurer (and any of  its  subsidiaries)  may  store  and  process  Personal  Information,  and  operate  the Maurer Website, at any of its or its hosting providers facilities whether located in Switzerland or abroad, and it may delegate the processing of such information to third parties, including affiliates.
  7. If you have  questions  or  complaints  related  to  this  Privacy  Policy  or Maurer’s  processing  of  your Personal Information, please submit them via the following e-mail address: You may also use these addresses to exercise your right of access to the Personal Information Maurer is processing about you, to object against its processing of your Personal Information (with effect for the future), to have it corrected or removed, as provided for by applicable data protection law. Please note that  you  have  to  be  properly  identify  (e.g.,  through  copy  of  your  ID)  before  your  request  can  be processed. In case of electronic direct marketing, you will also be provided with a method to easily opt-out of receiving further marketing materials and you may use the following e-mail address to remove your address from our electronic direct marketing list: