Viscose Filament

The new MAURER DUAL-CONTINUOUS FILAMENT SPINNING machine is based on the principle of the horizontal tube spinning. ING.A.MAURER S.A. has designed a standard machine with 240 spinning positions. Due to its modular conception it is possible to have the new MAURER DUAL-CONTINUOUS FILAMENT SPINNING Machine sized into almost every existing layout.
A viscose filter is placed at the viscose inlet of every machine. From there, the viscose flows with controlled pressure through a distribution pipe, passes the pump bridges to the viscose dosing pumps. These feed the viscose via a hose to the spinneret, which is fixed by a moveable arm to the spinning box. Every spinning box is equipped with 2 spinnerets, i.e. forming a DUAL spinning unit. The machine is also equipped with a spinbath distribution pipe with ready made individual connection to each spinning box. Every spinning position can be individually put in or out of operation.
The filament is spun in the MAURER special design horizontal spinning tube. The emerging filament will be guided at the end of the tube in a right angle to a pair of obliquely arranged treatment rollers, over which it is conveyed in spiral windings to the opposite side of the machine. Two filaments are guided simultaneously over the rollers. The pitch of the yarn can be adjusted by varying the inclination to each other of the two rollers forming a pair. The upper roller is divided into two parts, the first part for treatment and the second part for drying of the filament.
On the treatment part, the demineralized water is evenly distributed through a distribution pipe. The water flows constantly controlled by a central head tank and calibrated orifices. The added water forms a liquid film on the rollers and the filaments are immersed and treated. After the water treatment the yarn will be dried to the desired commercial moisture content with the hot water circulation dryer. In dried condition the filament yarn is guided by different guides over a MAURER special finishing agent to the take-up for parallel winding.
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